Frequently asked questions


What aspects of a project do you review?

We believe that there are three key aspects of a successful project: 1. Team - We’ll check the team behind a project, and we’ll raise important questions to understand what drives them, what experience do they have, what are their credentials, what is their long-term vision and growth plan, where are they located and so on. If the team is doxxed, we will review their social media presence. If a team is not doxxed, the get-to-know phase will be a bit longer and the questions will be more extensive. 2. Website and Social Media - We’ll inspect the website and the social media platforms and we’ll look for key things that would raise concerns such as domain registration, spelling and grammatical errors, the complexity of the website, mobile-friendliness, and how well structured the information is. We will also scan social media platforms for fake followers and will evaluate overall activity. 3. Contract - We’ll audit the contract to look for common vulnerabilities in a smart contract such as honeypots, re-entrancy, token minting, etc. We’ll also analyze the token distribution, dev wallets, and other team wallets to raise any flags of possible dumping.

Why launchpads are important in crypto?

There are few to no regulations when it comes to the decentralized crypto space. Launchpads provide a protective layer for potential investors by carefully reviewing every key aspect of a project. Although it’s important to note, that even after an in-depth review, there is a slight chance of a project doing something malicious to hurt their investors. LunarPad also uses a continuously trained AI algorithm to analyze and rate projects. For project owners, a launchpad can be an important piece to drive the initial success of the project since it exposes the project to quality investors while receiving seed money to fund initial marketing efforts. A review by a Launchpad also gives a great boost of trust in the eyes of potential investors.

Can you help me launch my token?

Yes, we offer project analysis services, as well as strategic advisory. Chosen projects will also receive seed money (between 3 BNB and 20 BNB) and assistance with their initial marketing push.

Do you have your own token? If so, what utility will it have?

Yes, we are planning to launch our own token $METABOT, that will be part of the LunarPad network. It will have the following utilities: $METABOT holders will have access to a network of AI vetted projects while receiving an 8% reflection in BUSD with each $METABOT transaction • Holding a certain number of $METABOT will ensure a spot in the upcoming projects' whitelists

What is the LunarPad ecosystem?

The LunarPad ecosystem will be the mothership for both crypto project owners and strategic investors: 1. The LunarPad Launchpad - The LaunchPad is a data-driven incubator for quality crypto projects based on machine learning algorithm. 2. The LunarPromo platform - This will be a promotional platform where project owners can advertise their token for a fee. 3. The LunarTracker platform - This will be a bounty platform where projects can be reported as scams or rug pulls by providing evidence. Each report will enter a lottery to win a whitelist spot for the next upcoming project. This platform will also help train the LunarPad AI algorithm.

What are your rates?

The first twenty projects will be reviewed for free. After the first twenty projects, the fee will be 1 BNB. A comprehensive report can be prepared, for which we charge 5 BNB. The first ten projects will be promoted for free. After that, promoting a token on our LunarPromo platform will cost 0.5 BNB per week. For featured token, will cost 3 BNB per week.

How can I contact you?

For any inquiries, feel free to contact us at info@lunarpad.space or through any of our social media profiles.

$MetaBot token

What is $METABOT? Why should I hold it?

$METABOT is the governance and utility token of the LunarPad ecosystem. It will have significance for both community members as well as project owners. Holding a certain number of $METABOT will guarantee exclusive privileges to participate in the whitelist/pre-sale of upcoming chosen projects. Holders will also be rewarded with an 8% reflection in BUSD that can be used as seed money for upcoming projects.

How do I buy $METABOT token?

Our presale will be held on Pinksale, which is extremely user-friendly. We will post more information on how to buy for the launch with a detailed guide as well.

Which network is $METABOT on?

We are releasing our token on the Binance Smart Chain network, due to the low fees. Eventually, we will expand to the Ethereum network.

How do I get BUSD rewards?

BUSD rewards will be allocated automatically in the wallet that holds the $METABOT token and the allocations will be directly proportional to the amount of $METABOT held.

Is liquidity locked?

Yes, liquidity is locked for 180 days.

Will there be burn events?

Yes, there will be an initial burn event where 20% of the total supply will be burned, and later will be more individual burn events announced.

Why is there no dev wallet? What revenue streams does the team have?

Dev wallets are controversial in the crypto space. We do want to be a straightforward project with no encumbrances. Since the project has enough revenue streams, the team will be compensated out of those, meaning that if the project is successful, the team will get compensated. The project has three revenue streams: 1. Project analysis and comprehensive report fees. 2. The LunarPad promotional platform fees 3. BUSD reflections of the Marketing wallet

work with us

How can I work with LunarPad?

We are looking for a community manager and moderators in multiple time zones. If you wish to work with us, please send us an email with your intention to work on the above-mentioned positions and the time zone you are operating in. Participants in our bounty program will enter a lottery to win a whitelist spot for the next upcoming project.

How will I be compensated for my work?

Community managers and moderators will be compensated with both a guaranteed spot in each upcoming whitelist and a monthly fee paid in BUSD.